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Porsche Upgrade Specialist, Design911, Advises UK Automotive Clients on Online Ordering Safety

Guidance issued by specialist Porsche parts supplier Design911, advises using reputable, known suppliers only for safety reasons

Porsche Upgrade Specialist, Design911, Advises UK Automotive Clients on Online Ordering Safety
Porsche Upgrade Specialist, Design911, Advises UK Automotive Clients on Online Ordering Safety

Counterfeiting and fraud are major issues in the automotive sector, not least where customers and businesses purchasing components online don’t have a reliable way to authenticate the supplier or verify whether they are paying a legitimate provider for a genuine part.

Studies have shown that as many as a third of people who have purchased vehicle components online have received a fake part at least once, whereas 50% of consumers state they would not have the knowledge to differentiate between a fake and potentially dangerous part and a branded product.

In new guidance released by Design911, a specialist provider of performance upgrade and OEM Porsche parts, buyers are advised to purchase only from reputable, known suppliers, and to be cautious when entering card details into an unfamiliar website.

The Growing Issue of Fake Car Parts Sold Online

Car components and upgrade kits carry a relatively high price, which makes them an easy target for unethical producers and organised groups producing counterfeit car parts. Many are based overseas and use marketplaces to list products, where a consumer, or the platform itself has little recourse if problems occur after a sale transaction.

A report published by Red Point, a US-based anti-fraud consultant, found that:

  • Roughly 80% of all counterfeit vehicle parts originate in China.
  • 19% of consumers buying brake or wheel components online receive fake parts.
  • 89% of those affected are between 18 and 44 – these scams are far from exclusive to less experienced drivers.
  • The majority of fake, faulty or counterfeit components are bought from marketplaces or car parts sites.

The big problem with counterfeit vehicle parts isn't only that they will not work as expected or for as long but that a fake component could present a risk to life, particularly when we consider parts used in braking systems or wheels that should meet strict safety guidelines.

Design911 says the best solution is to make intelligent decisions about which suppliers you buy from and to avoid any offer or price that appears too good to be true.

Avoiding Online Vehicular Parts Fraud and Counterfeit Components

Karl Chopra, MD of Design911, says, ‘We hear stories about avoidable accidents and damage to vehicles on a continual basis, often speaking with clients who had every reason to believe the component they were buying was authentic.

Scammers and fraudsters use sophisticated techniques and even experienced buyers, and automotive professionals have been caught out. Fortunately, they are more likely to notice the subtle nuances that indicate a component may not be quite right.

Although marketplaces are a good way to buy and sell items at a reduced cost, or to earn a little extra from unwanted belongings, we generally advise all our clients to stick to respected, established suppliers when buying something so important as a part you intend to install in your vehicle.

The potential for a faulty part to fail is incredibly high, which could be as disastrous as having a wheel fall off when driving at high speeds or finding that your brakes suddenly don’t work. These possible incidents are never worth the small savings you might make when purchasing a car component online.’

Indications That an Online Vehicle Component Seller or Marketplace is Inauthentic

Chopra goes on to explain that there are normally some signs that a seller, a website or a part itself isn’t the genuine article, even though fraudsters go the extra mile to try and appear trustworthy and genuine.

He says that consumers should keep an eye out for:

  • Listings on social media or unmanaged marketplaces, where the platform itself does not verify the buyer's credentials or offer any kind of consumer protection or guarantees.
  • Prices that seem way below the average cost, or where a seller uses pressure tactics to convince a buyer to complete a transaction now for fear of losing out.
  • Unconventional payment methods – credit card payments are secured by your provider, whereas a direct bank transfer or cash payment may not be.

All transactions processed through the Design911 store are fully safeguarded, using secure payment processing systems and encryptions that mean card details are never stored, or exposed to potential criminal access.

Buyers can also process payments through other systems such as PayPal or Google Pay, with complete confidence that the parts they are buying are authentic, genuine and up to specification, with zero risk that they will end up with an underperforming or dangerous component.

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