April 28

Mopani Trading Unveils New E-Commerce Biltong Platform, Bringing South African Flavours to Wider UK Audience

The well known South African shop in Ford, West Sussex, Mopani Trading, launches new online portal to buy fresh and homemade biltong

Mopani Trading, the cherished South African shop located in the village of Ford, West Sussex, is excited to announce the launch of its new e-commerce website, www.mopanitrading.co.uk.

This effective online shop is designed to make Mopani Trading’s fresh and homemade selection of biltong available online, direct to consumers across Sussex and the UK, including droewors, stokkies / snapsticks and imported South African goods. This is in response to the changing needs of its customer base, amid declining visitor numbers at their physical shop and weekly market stalls in Horsham on Saturdays and Worthing each Wednesday.

The new website, developed by Woya Digital, is part of Mopani Trading’s strategic initiative to adapt to the evolving retail landscape and address the increased demand for local online shopping options. It offers a user-friendly shopping experience, enabling customers to explore and purchase a wide range of South African products from the comfort of their homes.

Claire Simmonds, General Manager at Mopani Trading, said, “We’ve been making fresh biltong in West Sussex since 2009, and having seen how the recent shifts have affected foot traffic to our Ford shop and local markets, it was clear we needed to evolve. Our new e-commerce site is a significant step towards connecting with our customers where they are now: online. Our new website will not only provide easier access to our beloved South African flavours but also introduce our unique products to those who haven't had the chance to visit us in person.”

Natalie Karr, a fellow South African now residing in the UK and Partner at Woya Digital, who developed the e-commerce solution for Mopani Trading commented, “It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Mopani Trading to help them relaunch their online presence," Natalie said. "Our goal was to create a simple and seamless online shopping experience that not only showcases their incredible range of products but also optimises their visibility in search engines to reach a broader audience over the coming months and into the future.”

The website features Mopani Trading’s complete range of South African products, including their renowned biltong, the ever popular chutney snapsticks and traditionally made droewors or drywors, crafted using traditional South African techniques and the best locally-sourced meat. In addition to being able to buy biltong, the site sells a variety of South African culinary staples and even potjies, ensuring that expatriates and adventurous foodies alike can enjoy the tastes of South Africa anywhere in the UK.

Mopani Trading is committed to maintaining the high quality and authenticity that its customers have come to expect and is excited about the opportunities that the new e-commerce website will bring.

About Mopani Trading

Located in Ford, West Sussex, Mopani Trading has been a beloved supplier of South African goods, particularly biltong, since its inception. Known for its commitment to quality and authenticity, Mopani Trading aims to bring a piece of South Africa to the UK, catering to both expatriates and locals with a taste for rich, cultural flavours.

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Claire Simmonds

General Manager

Mopani Trading



Source: Woya - Digital PR
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