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Design911 Publishes Guidance on Sourcing Original Porsche 911 Components

Porsche parts specialist Design911 highlights Porsche are continuing to manufacture a range of original-specification parts

Design911 Publishes Guidance on Sourcing Original Porsche 911 Components
Design911 Publishes Guidance on Sourcing Original Porsche 911 Components

A UK-based company that specialises in sourcing, stocking and supplying OEM Porsche parts and components, from modern replacement parts to performance upgrades for vintage Porsche vehicles, is advising owners, restorers and specialists to focus on authenticity when making purchasing decisions.

Design911, with a head office in Brentwood and a distribution hub in the Netherlands, notes that many enthusiasts are unaware that Porsche continues to manufacture a range of original-specification parts, including components for some of the best-known classic Porsches, such as the 911 Porsche.

The business shared comments to inform mechanics, restorers, and drivers across the industry, explaining which components are available from Porsche and when buyers should consider high-quality OEM parts or aftermarket alternatives.

Purchasing Replacement Porsche Parts Produced By the Porsche Restoration Division

Part of the appeal of collectable and highly coveted Porsches is their longevity and superior design. Today, you might see anything from the brand-new 2025 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo to the 1948 Porsche 356 gracing our roads and motorways and, of course, Porsche shows and exhibitions events.

Design911 clarifies that the manufacturer offers several select parts produced through its Porsche Classic restoration division, focused on some of the marque's higher-production models.

Design911 MD, Karl Chopra, says, ‘We often consult with clients looking for specific components or replacements to restore or repair vintage and classic Porsches, assuming their options are limited to the best quality aftermarket components available. We are delighted to confirm that some parts, albeit limited, are available, and sourced from Porsche itself.

Examples include tail and indicator lights for the 912 and the 911, produced between 1963 and 1968, designed for short-wheelbase cars. The components were originally made by Bosch under licence from Porsche, but the brand resumed ownership just four years ago in 2020 and makes lights to the original spec and to both European and US standards to ensure they are legal and roadworthy.

While many other components are manufactured elsewhere and to OEM quality, it's always exciting to recommend an original Porsche part built using manual assembly techniques by technicians in Stuttgart.

If the range expands further, we'll be sure to share this information. Design911 continues to stock the broadest possible range of parts manufactured by Porsche, approved OEM manufacturers, reputable aftermarket suppliers, and performance upgrade manufacturers within our extensive catalogue.’

Sourcing Advice for Porsche Restoration or Performance Upgrade Projects

Chopra goes on to explain that the best advice for any enthusiast, collector or Porsche restorer is to choose the finest quality components within budget, and that are compatible with the structure, performance and functionality of their Porsche.

However, the restoration division offers limited components, and there are numerous parts that remain tricky to source, particularly for clients looking for limited-edition, unusual or hard-to-come-by parts that aren't produced in the volumes they once were.

Design911 offers tailored guidance, related to both standard components like Porsche brake pads, exhausts or electrical parts that have stopped functioning and for buyers looking for performance parts to augment the driving experience their Porsche provides to amplify the handling, steering controls and braking capacity of a vintage vehicle.

As a rough guide:

  • Porsche-manufactured parts are the ideal solution for a genuine, like-for-like replacement.
  • OEM components conform to the same design specs and materials with great performance, compatibility, and longevity. These parts are produced against the original blueprints, although often using more efficient production techniques.
  • Aftermarket parts are designed for the aftermarket or for older vehicles that require parts replacements and where the original component is no longer manufactured or made with the same materials.
  • Performance upgrade parts are intended to enhance the functions of a Porsche, whether by boosting the horsepower and torque, elevating the handling and braking speed, or replacing heavy components with lightweight alternatives designed for optimal speed.

The right option depends on your objectives, according to Chopra, who says, ‘If there isn’t an original Porsche part or OEM component, or you need advice on the most suitable performance upgrade, we’re always happy to help.’

About Design911: The UK Market Leader in Trade and Retail Porsche Components

Design911 was established almost 30 years ago, in 1995, by Karl Chopra – a genuine Porsche enthusiast. The business initially concentrated on hard-to-find parts, including brackets and body panels, and has expanded considerably since, now serving clients across the UK and Europe.

The business provides an efficient online ordering service for private and commercial clients, stocking general servicing, re-build, aftermarket and OEM parts, alongside specialist components and a classic Porsche showroom displaying restoration projects completed by the team.

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Design911 has established itself as the market leader, offering trade and retail customers a full range of OEM and aftermarket Porsche parts for general servicing and rebuild as well as restoration and tuning for the UK, European and worldwide markets. The Design911.co.uk website now sports a Porsche parts finder to help you get the exact aftermarket Porsche part you need. The company's impressive 34,000 sq. ft Essex headquarters comprise sales department, warehouse, workshop and body shop, as well as a showroom of classic Porsches for sale. We pride ourselves that we will be the company that can supply 'every part for every Porsche'.


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