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Collaboration Between Flintlock Marketing and Research and Product Development Company Delivers ‘Vital Progress’

Flintlock Marketing has published the project outcomes after working with a global research-focused company

Collaboration Between Flintlock Marketing and Research and Product Development Company Delivers ‘Vital Progress’
Collaboration Between Flintlock Marketing and Research and Product Development Company Delivers ‘Vital Progress’

Flintlock Marketing, a sector-leading brand marketing specialist, has published the project outcomes achieved when working with a global research-focused company, which delivers data and insights utilising real-world evidence and advanced technology.

The strategic positioning project looked at how to evolve the branding and visual assets of the business to embrace modernity and vibrancy, showcasing elements of inclusivity that underpin the ethos and creative direction of the client’s firm.

Rebuilding Brands With Flintlock Marketing

Flintlock’s established and reputable team was an obvious choice for their client, a company with a fast growth trajectory and already strong recognition. The business has previously been awarded numerous accolades, including:

  • The Queen’s Award in 2021
  • Tech Nation Top 33 UpScale 6.0 participation
  • Innovate UK partnership

The challenges faced by the organisation were around adapting its strategy and creative branding assets to capture the story, origins and history behind the company, and quantifying a sense of the personality and energy the business stands for.

Tasha Gladman, founder of Flintlock Marketing, commented, 'Our client is a real innovator, not only in completing ground-breaking work but also in its approach. We found the business bold and inclusive and could quickly see how we could enhance their strategy to put greater meaning into the branding and differentiation.’

Flintlock embarked on a deep-dive brand research and evaluation project, unpicking the specific qualities and values that contribute to the business, building on a strategic position of ‘real progress’, and evidencing the brand model, created with real data, people, and trust.

The work included developing new branding and logos, using imagery to highlight the human nature of the skills offered by the company's data scientists and researchers and adding clarity, character, and optimistic colour palettes.

The Importance of Regular Strategic Branding Refreshes

Many companies, particularly those with years or decades of experience, assume that their longstanding branding is fit for purpose without identifying that outdated, unengaging or uninspiring branding may hold the organisation back from further expansion.

Within the brand marketing space, best practice is often thought to be based on brand revisions at least every seven to ten years, ensuring that communications and materials are synonymous with client or customer expectations and represent the brand now – rather than as it may have been.

Statistics show that:

  • Brands have seven seconds to make an impression, whereas a buyer or consumer requires five to seven impressions to cement brand recognition.
  • On average, S&P 100 companies rebrand within the first seven years of launch—74% of listed companies on the exchange rebrand within this period.
  • Logos and visual brand assets can have a significant impact. Sixty per cent of consumers make buying decisions based on the appeal of a logo or their perceptions of whether a brand is visually unappealing.

Flintlock Marketing used its expertise and 'sparking' sessions to understand what the brand is about and what it means to its owners, workforces, partners, vendors and customers – ensuring the team had a holistic overview of the brand essence.

It then analysed the current brand positioning, communication style, and strategy to find ways to improve and update these aspects, creating fresh, modern branding that truly represented the business.

Outcomes Achieved Through a Strategic Rebrand With an International Research and Product Development Business

Gladman adds, ‘This collaboration enabled us to help a fantastic international company rebrand to establish a greater presence and improve brand recognition across a worldwide market. The primary goal was to give them an edge in showcasing the innovation and advancements they offer and bottle the brand's essence.’

The client’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) has reported excellent outcomes, saying that the rebranding had 'unified' the organisation's communications with all audiences and stakeholders, including healthcare patients and pharmaceutical companies.

They also noted that elements of collaboration at the core of the business helped to inspire the creative direction, consulting with in-house team members throughout who will now use the new branding in research papers, dashboards and applications.

Over the long term, the business is confident that the rebranding project will help it build greater brand equity and salience throughout targeted global markets.

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